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Yes-yes, it is the real minotaur, but really, still too small, maked by beads. He does not ask to itself on eating up the finest girls, but as well as the well-known ancestor, lives in a labyrinth, and it is rather glad to that.


salamander of beads

And it is a fiery bead lizard, salamander, as you can see, he does not think to be afraid of fire.

Gargoyle of beads

beads Gargoyle

Usually these animals are used for intimidation. Probably, they and like huge and large-toothed bats, but not all of them have spiteful character. They can be also rather lovely.


Faun of beads

Faun the amusing being adoring the nature and dances. At the expense of the charm it even more often appears on pages of fairy tales of writers of the different people. For example, faun Tumnus is the hero of world famous "Narnia". But nevertheless the native land of a faun is ancient Greece.

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