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The young girl

young girl

For the sake of her hand, or simply for her rescue from high tower, knights go to death, and even at all "there-not-know-where". Unicorns fearlessly come towards her, and even terrible dragons are declined before her kindness. The gentle and mild heroine of many fairy tales and legends is the young girl.

The bard of beads


The bard is one of the most mysterious European heroes and, first of all, heroes of the Celtic fairy tales. The singer and the storyteller allocated with a magic power, able to speak with animals and to connect hearts of people. The bard loses the force, only if he takes in hands the weapon.

The gipsy of beads


Surrounded with gloomy legends and superstitions, the gipsy camp caused interest of people at all times. Who are they? Where and whence they go? In fairy tales they act both positive, and villains. But this girl - the gipsy with a manual bear cub is, of course, positive.



Laure from "the Glass menagerie" by Tennesi Williams. The gentle and fragile girl, not managed to find contact to an external world. Shi is similar to a gentle flower, beautiful and infinitely fragile.

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